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Schedule Me Skinny

The secret ingredient for weight loss isn’t grapefruit or quinoa or protein bars…It’s planning!

A busy schedule can make lasting weight loss and healthy maintenance feel impossible. How can you make wise food choices and maintain good habits when you’re rushed, overwhelmed, and distracted?

Now a registered dietitian spills the secret to peeling off the pounds and eating better, even on your most time-crunched days. With thirty minutes of prep once a week, you can ensure a whole week of healthy eating–from preparing tasty, healthful meals to shortening your grocery store trip, to planning energizing snacks on the go.

Schedule Me Skinny gives you all of the tools you need to take control of your busy schedule and bulging waistline, including:
• easy-to-use fourteen-day meal plan
• grocery shopping lists
• grab-and-go meal ideas
• tips for eating out
• quick dinners using just what’s in your pantry, for days that don’t go as planned

Featuring real-life success stories, this is the must-have plan for women who refuse to choose between their skinny jeans and a full life. Get started today!


Schedule Me Skinny

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