The Long Walk Back

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The Long Walk Back

Does everyone deserve a second chance?

As an army trauma surgeon Kate knows how to keep her cool in the most high pressure of situations. Although back at home in England her marriage is falling apart, out in the desert she’s happy knowing that she’s saving lives.

Until she meets Cooper. It’s up to Kate to make a split-second decision to save Cooper’s life. Yet Cooper doesn’t want to be saved. Can Kate convince him to give his life a second chance even though its turning out dramatically different from how he planned?

Readers love Rachel Dove:

“A well written, beautifully paced and emotional read.”

“It’s dark, it’s gritty, yet beautifully written”

“a really well-written and emotional novel with characters that kept me coming back for more.”

“I so wish I could give this more than 5 stars, it’s a fabulous book”


‘Jojo Moyes fans are going to love The Long Walk Back! Wonderfully written, full of compassion and sensitivity and searingly emotional, The Long Walk Back will not just move readers and have them reaching for their tissues, but it will also make them think, ponder and question the choices they are forced to make during the course of their lives.’
– Bookish Jottings

‘I’ve often said that a book I’m happy to shout about has to capture my heart – this book grabbed it in a vice-like grip from the opening pages. And it never let go – it squeezed and pulled from beginning to end, made me cry repeatedly, gave me an achy stomach… then threw me out at the end with a big smile on my face. Yes, it really is that good.’
– Being Anne

‘This is a brilliant book and one that I really enjoyed despite it reducing me to tears on more than one occasion. By the last chapters I was a blubbering mess! But, there were tears of joy too!’
–Brook Cottage Books

About the author

Rachel Dove is a mum of two from Yorkshire. She has always loved writing and has a had previous success as a self-published author. Rachel is the winner of the Mills & Boon Flirty Fiction competition.

The Long Walk Back

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